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Welcome! Step into a World Full of Unique Designs

  • Hello and welcome! I am a jewelry designer, and on this website, I am opening the doors to a world of original and daring designs. With me, you will explore the magical world of mythology and nature. Each of my pieces carries unique lines, resembling art masterpieces, and you won't find them anywhere else.

From Mythology to Nature, My Designs Will Captivate You

  • In the world of jewelry, I offer designs that are rarely encountered elsewhere. Especially inspired by mythology and the enchanting atmosphere of nature, my creations reflect a magnificent blend of art and craftsmanship in every detail. The designs on my website represent not just a piece of jewelry but also a tangible manifestation of a story, an emotion, and a unique expression.

My Goal: Preserving Art and Design

  • My aim is to bring the power of art and design to everyone and to take my original creations worldwide. By offering my products on select platforms such as ETSY, 1STDIB, I want to enrich the lives of my valued customers. Along this journey, I will continue to enhance my website with new designs, presenting you with fresh creations every day.

Discover with Me, Embrace Art

  • Step into my website and discover a world filled with art. My inspiring designs will ignite your imagination and provide you with a unique experience. Embark on a journey into the magical world of art and design. I await you on my website.

Thank you, and I am grateful for your support and interest!



Alen is the true craftsman. Starting his professional career in the jewelry industry at a young age in the heart of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, he honed his skills alongside master craftsmen, gaining 22 years of valuable experience. He has a unique working style and a deep aversion to ordinariness in his profession, constantly striving to create exceptional and unique pieces. Combining art and technology, he produces high-quality jewelry and considers himself both an artist and a lifelong learner. One of his main goals is to leave a mark on the jewelry industry worldwide, and he is well on his way to achieving this. He takes great pleasure in creating products that bring joy to people's lives and immortalize their special memories.


"I have decided to establish NORDA Jewelry due to an observation I have made throughout my business life. I believe there is a significant lack of ideas and innovation in the jewelry sector. This situation has greatly limited the industry in terms of diversity. One day, after finishing work, I took a piece of paper and a pen and started sketching something. I began to create unique, innovative, and unparalleled designs based on this need, and I personally brought them to life. Eventually, I established NORDA to bring all these creations together under one roof."